Birds of a Feather

Man I love pinterest, it really makes finding blog content easy. The other day I came across Chris Maynard and absolutely loved his work. Not only is it using feathers, but he hand cuts all his images out creating these beautiful intricate artworks: All images are from Chris’ website. Advertisements

Camouflage Resistance

I’m not particularly politically minded, especially when it ‘s regarding something that’s happening elsewhere in the world, but Lui Bolin has caught my eye with his protests against the Chinese governments persecution of artists. His ‘Hiding in the City’  series was created after the Chinese government destroyed Beijing artist village Suo Jia Cun in November 2005:… Read More Camouflage Resistance

Roadkill Couture

I first heard about Jess Eaton on the radio, they were talking about her new fashion collaboration made out of dead animals and I immediately knew this would be something I would like. All her animals were either roadkill, used for foodstuffs or died of natural causes. What an awesome use of these beautiful creatures: All images are from… Read More Roadkill Couture

Katie MccGwire

As ya’ll have probably figured out by now, I have a little fascination with the macabre.  And so it seems, does Katie MccGwire.  She ‘gathers, collects, re-uses and layers’ her work to explore the play of opposites and bring out the inherent beauty found in duality. Personally, I just love the colours, textures and patterns formed: All images are… Read More Katie MccGwire

Bejeweled Bugs

Hubert Duprat is a French artist who struck up an unusual relationship to create his art – he collaborates with a group of caddis fly larvae. These aquatic larvae create a sheath to protect themselves while they develop and Duprat supplies their materials out of gold, turquoise, opal and other materials. The result is an intricately woven jewel… Read More Bejeweled Bugs