The last minute Fathers Day Gift Guide

As Fathers Day usually falls on or around my birthday every year, our family don’t really make a big deal about it (I know, my poor Dad). But a lot of my mates’ family’s do celebrate, so I decided to make a last-minute gift guide for them – only 4 days left people!!

  1. ‘The Urban Steed’ from Jesse James, R1800 2.  ‘Hands Up’ Tie Slide by SMITH Jewellery from Hello Pretty, R335 3. ‘A-Holes And D-Bags: Darth Vader’ by Patrick Latimer from KIN, R295 4. Umtwalo backpack by Inga Gubeka from Stable, POR 5. ‘You’re Classic, Charlie Brown’ sculpture by Nick Marcus from KIN, R1500  6. ‘The Hill’ in Imbuia Glasses by Kraft from Hello Man, R1500 7.  Ipad Sleeve by Wren Design, R345 8. ‘SolaNova’ portable solar charger by Eco Studio from Stable, POR 9. Mini Jack Lamp by The Artisan, R795 10. Gilt Golfer Cufflinks from SMITH Jewellery, R685  11. Cherry Wood Iphone Cover from Houdt, R220 


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