An Interactive Window Display

So yesterday we launched our new window display at The Fringe Arts. I teamed up with Touch Foundry to create South Africa’s first interactive window display. This is quite awesome stuff and something I’m not very good at describing, so here is an exert from our press release:

‘Developed by TouchFoundry, this software allows potential customers to browse the goods inside the store from the window, in a cool, interactive and intuitive way that delights them and draws them inside. Fabio Longano of TouchFoundry says, “people have become somewhat numbed to boring, cookie-cutter digital – they now expect to be engaged and delighted. That’s what this window will do.”
This clever new interface leverages off of the power and capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect device to turn natural human movement into software recognisable navigation gestures. The Kinect device recognizes passers-by as ‘skeletons’ and they can navigate content by simply waving their hands about. This allows people passing by the window to easily browse in-store products and be entertained at the same time.
Using this opportunity to showcase the versatility of the SMITH brand, a passerby can expect to browse through a number of different collections; from a men’s range with a sense of humour, to elegant, timeless women’s jewellery, each piece made by hand. “Because SMITH encompasses such diverse work I am usually limited in the number of ranges I can show in one display,” says SMITH designer Anna Raimondo. “I am excited that using TouchFoundry people can browse through all my work in a fun and interactive way.’

TFA Interactive Window Display

It’s worth going to check it out for yourself – we’re up until the end of the month. The Fringe Arts is situated at 99B Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town.

TFA Interactive Window DisplayTFA Interactive Window Display


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