Father’s Day Gift Guide:

I haven’t done a post like this in an age, and thought it was about high time! Below is a lekker local gift guide which can be bought ALL online. Now oyu have NO excuse to get your pops something cool!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas via The Stylesmith

1. Canvas and Leather Backpack by Adriaan Kuiters, R780, Style36 2. Brown & Gold Hacker, R1640, KIPH 3. Gilt ‘Hands Up’ Cufflinks by SMITH Jewellery, R685, Hello Pretty 4. Oxblood Leather Toiletry Bag, R540, Dark Horse 5. Mens Clip Braces, R39.99, Mr Price 6. Grenade Mug by Sootcookie for Wolf & Maiden, R175 7. Gilt ‘Tank’ Money Clip, R360, SMITH Jewellery 8. Pick Punch, R279, KIPH 9. PPC Laptop Bag, from R696, Wren Design 10. Skâl Beer Glass Set by Spookasem, R480, Meekel 11. Flapstand by Kraftisan, R195, Africandy 12. Oversized Bow Tie, R300, Bow Peep.


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