Golden Neem

So a while back I mentioned my very talented friend, Dana Bloom, who I met while studying at the Creative Academy. Well, apart from enjoying some good talks and tipple with me; she also happens to be a jewellery designer. A jewellery designer who has just launched her own range. 

Stemming from her graduation work, Dana has explored further her interest in space relation and three dimension. Designing using 3D imaging programs and printing with a 3D printer she has created beautifully crafted light weight, natural inspired 18C gold jewels studded with diamonds.

For more info about Dana’s collections please see Dana’s website.


4 thoughts on “Golden Neem

  1. Very cool. 3D printers are awesome! Can they print in gold or does one print the template and then cast the gold into that?

    1. I stand to be corrected, but I think there are some that can print in gold. However, these were probably printed in plastic/wax first and then cast.

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