Stella Jean

I have a penchant for all things African (especially designs, fabrics and jewellery from the middle to north of Africa). I own one of these awesome Babatunde hats and have purchased and item or two of  ‘interesting’ clothes and bags from random sources. But I have always looked for that perfect pencil skirt or little ‘African’ dress and not found it, until I cam across Stella Jean.

A designer born in Rome but of Caribbean descent she is as beautiful as her cloths. I great mix of African, Caribbean and Western influences it’s all colour and pattern. 

Then I saw that she does swimsuits as well. It was all too much for me, I want almost every one of the items in her collections with the swimwear body to match!

All images are from her website.

P.S. I just want to take the opportunity here to mention my frustration over the fact that it takes a foreigner to show the world the awesomeness that is Africa and African design (although, these fabrics seem to be on trend at the moment) and are used by many Western designers). We have so much amazing talent here and no one seems to have the foresight or savvy to create something unique, elegant and beautiful using their traditional techniques and skills. Enough with the African curio and bring on real design! How do you feel about this?


3 thoughts on “Stella Jean

  1. as a young African designer.. i would like to correct your last paragraph. our challenges are different and struggles to make it internationally unique.. it is unfair to say “no one seems to have the foresight or savvy to create something unique, elegant and beautiful using their traditional techniques and skills” because many have it… look into a African designers and our fashion weeks. we have been doing this for years.. just now that the world has caught on, maybe it is easier for someone born in Rome to get the attention of Milan or London and Paris than little old me in Zimbabwe somewhere.i go as far as printing my own fabrics then making my designs… but it will take a very long time for me to get there. great piece though.. just the last part didnt do it for me 🙂 stella is amazing

    1. Hi Tatenda-Chantelle,

      Thanks fro your comment. You are right, people of Africa face different obstacles when getting their work made and then ‘discovered’ by their country, never mind the rest of the world. Unfortunately for us, it IS easier for someone from Europe or the US to get their brand ‘out there’. Keep up the good work!! Would love to see your designs some day. Anna

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