A Birthday Wishlist:

So it’s EXACTLY 15 days until my 29th birthday. Yup, only ONE more year and I’ll hit the big three UH-OH! So I’m not sure why I am so excited about this birthday but I am. Which means I’m throwing a party. Which means there’ll be guests. Which means there’ll be presents. YAY! So I thought I’d help my friends and family out a bit by supplying them with a wishlist. Most of these aren’t actually in anyone’s price range, but a girl can dream…

1. Retro Sapele Desk with red accent, Vamp 2. Pots in Caribbean Blue, Le Creuset 3. Copper candelabra made by Michael Guy, Haas 4. Geometric painting on wood by Gene Kierman, Haas 5. Kindle, Amazon 6. Mini wooden lathe, Gumtree 7. Stemless Glasses by Bodum, Yuppie Chef 8. A bi-weekly maid, Gumtree 9. 40mm AF-S F2.8 Macro Lens, SAcamera.co.za


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