Egg-tastic Ideas

When I was a kid, I remember spending the lead up to Easter decorating many an egg with dye, paint, material and I’m sure glitter found its way in there somehow too. But they never came out quite as good as these lovelies below. Here’s a  more modern takes on decorating the old Easter egg, and how to do it yourself:

Click on image to be taken to the source/relevant tutorial.

Going Eco-Freindly:
Use veggies, fruits and spices to dye your eggs.

Use thread to create contrast.

Neon dip-dyed:
Create a beautiful ‘on-trend’ look with these neon dyes.

Use and ostrich egg and paint it with chalk board paint to create personalized gifts instead of chocolate. Click on the image t be taken to its source, otherwise, click here for coloured chalkboard paint recipes.

Take washi tape and create your own designs.

Go dotty by painting CYMK colours on your egg.

If you’re tired of dying and painting why not simply take a permanent marker and draw your own designs.

Create a striped effect with wax dying.

All images sourced from Google images.


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