It’s all about the buns

So, since Easter is around the corner I thought I’d start prepping ya’ll for it.
But first I would like to introduce you to me, as a model:

Now don’t go rushing to book me all at once, my agent says that I’m already booked out for the next month (haha). But seriously, that’s me in the new Fresh Living magazine’s Easter supplement from Pick n Pay. And I managed to sneak in some SMITH rings as well. Whoo whoop!

But back to business: since the above pic features hot cross buns, I thought I’d share some alternative uses for these delicious little things (personally, I could eat them all year round).
Click on the links below to be taken to the related recipe.

1. Use your day one buns to make spiced french toast.
2. Substitute the sponge cake for hot cross buns and make a different trifle.
3. Try a spicy take on the traditional bread and butter pudding.
4. Bake them with pears.
5. Hot them into cubes, grill and make spicy crutons.
6. Crumble them, mix with butter, sugar and spices and top your apple crumble with them.
7. Blend them into your pie/cheesecake/tart crust mixture.
8. Do a Jamie a la Sainsbury – cut, spread with marmalade, cover with custard and bake
9. Use them to make Summer Pudding.
10. Eat them toasted with ricotta cheese and honey.

Hope you like them!


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