Bohemian Wedding

Last year in August I ran my first competition on Lana LouStyle for a pair of my Bohemian Silver Earrings. There was a great response and I was SO pleased to see that the winner was not only a local, but also someone who was in the Art Department at Stellenbosch with me (I promise, I had NOTHING to do with who won)! 

Gina Heyer, who is an amazing artist, got hold of me after she had won the pair and told me she wanted to wear them for her wedding. I was SO excited. A couple of months later she emailed telling me that her house was broken into and all her jewellery was stolen. All, except my earrings which had fallen down the back of her dressing table. It was MEANT to be!

She got married recently and was kind enough to send through some pics of her wedding and the earrings she won! I must say she looked beautiful.

 Thanks so much for sharing Gina. So glad you won!

All photo’s were taken by Bernard Bravenboer.

If you have any of my jewels and would like to send photo’s through, please send them to info (at) smith-jewellery (dot) com


2 thoughts on “Bohemian Wedding

  1. I can definitely say that the winner was randomly picked by myself 😉
    Gina mentioned that she wanted to wear the earrings on her wedding day to me as well, so it’s lovely to see the pics! Congrats on your special day Gina, it looks amazing.

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