At the end of last year my brother hosted a ‘Summer Solstice’ party at my parents place. He asked me to do the decor (ie. dress the massive garden and house). So I decided that there was nothing else to do other than make a huge amount of pompoms, yes pompoms. These are THE simplest things to make and oh so effective. Here’s a step by step guide:

1. Take 8 pieces of tissue paper (the smaller your pompom the less pieces of paper you need, the bigger the more you need to create a full pompom) 2. Fold them like a concertina 3. Tie your chord around the middle (allowing a long enough string to tie to your desired object) 4. You can choose to leave the edges as they are or cut them (any pattern will do, I did predominantly points) 5. Pull each layer away from the next towards the string to create a round ball.


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