Wrapping Green:

I kind of have a reputation for ‘recycling gifts’ sometimes with horrible consequences (I think I might have once given a gift back to its giver) but in this case, I think I’ll be forgiven for recycling!

Below, I created 6 easy, cheap recycled gift wrapping ideas for Christmas. Hope you find them useful:

1. Find an old box with fitted lid and wrap it with your own paper, put gift inside and tie a bow around it (This paper is currently on sale at Mr Price Home for under R20). This way the gift is twofold – whatever is inside AND the recipient can use the box again! 2. Recycled old bags – brown paper bags, sugar bags or in this case, flour bags. Tie with a pretty bow and you’re ready to go!

3. Take an old palm leaf woven pouch that you had from that trip to Zanzibar (or something), put pressie inside and wrap a nice ribbon around (you’ll probably find a pouch like this at Moroccan Warehouse, ribbon is vintage but I’m sure Merrypak would have something similar) 4. Pop your gift into a recycled card board box and put a Christmas label on it (box can be found from Merrypak, while Xmas labels were made especially for me by Pink ‘n Posh Decor).

5. Take a square of old fabric and use the Japanese art of Furoshiki to wrap your gift. Again, they get some beautiful fabric as well as a gift 6. I found a latticed bamboo box and filled it with my present, wrapped in coloured paper, and tied a ribbon around it. Cute and easy. (Basket found at ABC wholesalers for R6.)


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