Decorating it up!

 Every year I get excited about Christmas and have big plans to make my decorations and such but never really get around to it (mainly because decorating for one is not really that fun). But this year I had a reason – you guys!

So, here is a little tutorial I found on Pinterest on how to make a 3D star out of paper. The original tut (which was from quite a cool DIY blog called Life is Beautiful) was for a much larger star but I wanted to make it smaller in case I wanted to hang it on a tree.

Things you need:

Paper (you’ll need 9 squares)
Double sided tape/coloured tape

1. Take a square piece of paper of whatever size you want (I went with 10x10cm) 2. Fold in half along a diagonal 3. Open up and fold both sides towards the fold line 4. Fold the remaining two corners towards the fold line 5. Repeat 8 times until you have 9 ‘star points’.

Now here it gets a little tricky – you can either use different coloured tape like on this tutorial or, like me 6. Take double-sided tape and tape one side to your excess paper to create tape the same ‘colour’ as your paper 7. Stick the sticky side of your tape to one of your star’s point along the longest side (see here if you are confused) and then do it along another point so that the two star point sides stick together 8. Repeat until you are finished.

P.S. The back is pretty too, consider turning the star around!


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