Get the Look: Table Settings

When I used to work for Elle Decoration my role morphed from intern into the shopping ‘expert’ which meant I did all the get the look pages and focus sections. Super fun but wow did you have to be ON IT! Having left Elle Deco I still come across some awesome finds when I’m out and about and I thought it would be nice to share with you lot.

So today I offer you table settings, as we are in the festive season and we all like a good-looking table. These images I picked off an Aussie website which I found via Pinterest. I have either found the exact item in South Africa, something very similar or can at least send you to the right place to find it for yourself. Hope you find this useful:

1. Woodstock Vintage on Sir Lowry Rd has a whole bunch of antique linens. I’m sure you’ll find a similar table cloth there 2. Heart plate to be found at The Selection 3. Linen napkins with red stripes can be found at L’Orangerie in Wynburg/Newlands 4. You can buy more dice that you can handle for UNDER R20 at ABC Wholesalers on Sir Lowry Rd (next to Fabric City) 5. Lots of places are stocking striped paper straws these days, but the most cost-effective by far is a pack of 50 from Merrypak 6. Mason jars can either be bought directly from Consol in bulk, or Merrypak or even Pick ‘n Pay. Depending on size, they’ll cost around R20 each 7. Antique style cutlery can be found at @Home, if you still want a coloured handle, try dipping it in a non water based paint colour of your choice.

1. Pure linen napkin sets can be found at Biggie Best. Mr Price are also selling them for cheap cheap, but they don’t have them in white. 2. There is selections of blue glasses from Boardmans 3. Drinking glasses from @Home  4. Dark turquoise plates from Mr Price 5. Light blue plates from Wonkiware 6. Ribbed plate from Mr Price 7. Make your own Xmas cookies from this recipe.

1. Scalloped plate from @Home 2. Zigzag fabric can be found from Sarah Ord Interiors – just make your own 3. Search for your own cut glassware at Smileys (they have now opened a shop in Jo-Burg too) 4. Green glasses can be found at Woolies5. Similar cutlery from Boardmans.

1. Hessian can be bought by the metre from Fabric City, just cut out whatever shaped place mat you want 2. A different scalloped place can be found at Mr Price 3. A plain white plate can be found anywhere – cheapest would be Shoprite 4. Save your old wine bottle, clean the labels off and use as candle holders 5. Green cut glass from Woolies 6. Antique inspired cutlery can be sourced from O.Live on Kloof St or Smileys

1. Worded plates on sale at The Fringe Arts  2. Print out some music paper here and cut your own place mats 3. Ceramic tea light holders can be found at Woven Ceramics 4. Cut red wine glass from Woolies 5. Candy stripe twine can be found at Merrypak 6. I would suggest using a kokoi as a table cloth, find these on the cheap at Green Market Square. But if you want something a little more traditional try Woolies

If shopping is not your thing, at least admire the styling and create something special this Christmas. You’ll be amazed at how much people appreciate a little effort.


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