Up and coming:

Since I’ve been back in CT I like to visit my old University every year to check out the end of year exhibition at the Art Department. Last weekend I happened to be in Stellenbosch and went for a quick peek at what the GradEx ’11 had to offer.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed. I think students (or maybe it’s the lecturers?) seem to be turning away from real artistry/technique and are churning out ‘conceptual’ work. Unfortunately, I belong to the school of ‘conceptual sucks, just make something pretty that has real skill’ – so as you can imagine, the fine artists and graphic students had a hard time convincing me that their work was good. However, artist Simone Wurz’s mini water colour were not only beautiful but because of their size (each figure was no larger than 3cm tall) the amount of detail each figure offered was amazing. Almost all of her works were sold.

Other than her work, I was mainly interested in the jewellery students (surprise, surprise). Below are some of my favourites – again, a little too conceptual and not enough practicality behind each piece but definitely interesting to look at.

Alet Snyman combined rusks into her rings. Set with sterling silver and pearls.

Anna Rosholt played with costume jewellery and toys. Naming her Rhino, Elephant and Lion knuckle buster rings ‘Black Diamonds’.

Elze Marais used cardboard, silk thread and pearls.

Pheabe McLaughlin played with different casting techniques.

Carla Kruger was my favourite, just because her work was something that I felt I would have made myself. I will make one of those chain mail bags for myself, one day (been dying to since I was at varsity)!

The exhibition closes tomorrow. So better rush out to see for yourself!



2 thoughts on “Up and coming:

  1. Could you please let us have Simone Wurz’s contact details for a friend in France who admires her work? Thanks so much, Sara Pienaar

    1. Hi Sara, Unfortunately I don’t have it, and google searches come up short. I think the best thing for you to do is contact the Stellenbosch University Art Dep directly and ask them. Good luck.

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