A little launch:

So the reason I have been so quiet lately is because I have designed the December window display for the Fringe Arts Kloof St store (very exciting stuff) and filled it with all my jewellery (even more exciting stuff)! I also got a beautiful retro server to fill with my layered pictures and picture frames – not bad ey?

As a result we had a little media launch last night that was open to all bloggers, stylists and journo’s. Unfortunately no public, but now you can come to the shop anytime in December and have a look (and buy) for yourself.

Here are some pics of what I have been slaving over for the last couple of weeks. Everything is made out of sterling silver, copper or brass; then mounted onto brown leather and placed in a lovely frame.


Hope you can pop round and have a look!


5 thoughts on “A little launch:

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