Foraging for food

I was first introduced to ‘Oep ve Koep‘ in Paternoster a while back when Elle Deco went on a team outing and needed some lunch. It was a simple affair with lots of wine and I was thoroughly impressed with the food. However, I kind of thought it was the wine.

Recently I went back with a bunch of friends. We had a long lengthily lunch with more wine and I can tell you – it had nothing to do with said wine. The food is absolutely amazing. Not only is it tasty, but reasonably priced (high on my criteria list) AND most of it is either sourced or foraged locally. How awesome is that?

Do yourself a favour, and make the trip out to Paternoster to sample some of Kobus van der Merwe’s excellent food – which includes Angel fish, the best pate I have ever had (and I don’t even eat pate), beer bread and black mussels, guava ice cream, heart shaped cheese cake and famous fish bobotie! Everyday the menu changes with what is available.


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