Win in Movember

So after yesterdays debacle (otherwise known as Black Tuesday) and since it’s Movember, I think we could all use a pick me up. Today I am offering you a chance to win a set of three (yes, you read right, THREE) little silver mustache pins made by yours truly. All you have to do is comment in the comment section below with a link or url address to a pic of your favorite stache style and the best pic wins. So make sure you get creative.

For an extra entry follow me on twitter and tweet about this competition.
For another entry, follow me on Facebook and comment about the comp on the wall.
Competition ends on Wednesday 30th.
Winner announced on 1st Dec.


23 thoughts on “Win in Movember

  1. Sure there are some elaborate creations out there, but in the world of moustaches – like with most things – you just can’t beat a classic:
    Signed, a person who wears a moustache all year long (and has done so for the better part of a decade) and therefore craves the prize in question most of all.

  2. WOW… gorgeous mustacho pins.. i love the south african mo’s below…

    now if i could possibly grow a manly mustache, i would gladly do so. it is in fact the most attractive hairy growth on any manly man. not only the look or the rugged touch or the serious meaning but the combination of all three make this a fun and perfectly male tribute.
    congrats to all the men who’ve come this far, a couple days to go!!

    ps. try convincing your boyfriends mom that he looks terribly handsome with a mustache and should sport it all year round when she’s trying to hold him down and shave it off herself. awkward.

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