Jewels of the skin

Even before I started studying jewellery, I was fascinated with the different ways of adorning the body, unconventional ways. I remember in my first year doing a visual project on body modification such as scarification and cutting. Although not something I would do myself (although, I have been known to dabble with the odd piercing or three), I can stare for HOURS at pics of peoples scars, tatts and other body modification.

Recently, I cam across a couple of artists and jewellery designers that her spend their time investigating just this. Their take in it was not only beautiful but also a little creepy. Just the way I like it!

Ariana Russell is a Brooklyn based photographer. In her works she often uses different coloured skin to create patterns and shapes on her subjests.

Below Kyeok Kim explores imprints left on the skin by her jewellery.

I think Lauren Kalman has the most interesting (if somewhat painful) approach to new ways of adorning the body. Encrusting acupunture needles with jewells.

All images are from the artists respective websites. Click on their names to take you there.


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