Not for the faint of heart…

If you know me, you know I have macabre side and a slightly warped sense of humour. So let me introduce you to the art of  Briton Polly Morgan – she combines both of these character ‘flaws’ (well, according to some people anyways) in her beautifully executed art.

Warning: this is NOT for the faint hearted!

Morgan is a beautiful young artist (to be honest, I didn’t really expect that) who only started training to be a taxidermist around 2005. She says that her ‘intentions have never been to mimic the natural habitats of animals, as they are traditionally displayed, but to place them in less expected scenery.’ By doing this, Morgan forces us to look at what we usually see as ‘disgusting’ with new eyes allowing us to see the beauty of the animal.

I love it!

Please click on images to take you to source. Above collage from Art Observed and The Dead Can Dance


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