Green Thumbing

I remember about 15 years ago having to do a school project of spending a term digging and planting my own veggie garden. Unfortunately, the trauma of dealing with acidic soil, a hectic root system and deformed carrots kind of put me off planting for a while – that and I can’t seem to keep my house herbs going for too long (as I eat them too quickly). But I have decided to give it another go with the onset of this year’s spring. I’m even digging another bed and planting some real veggies!

So in the last post I mentioned that I was making a HUGE batch of sugo pomodoro because I wanted to use the tins. Well, here is what I did with them:

Pot planting:

1. Take some empty tomato (or whatever) tins. Clean them and drill holes in the bottom so that the water can drain out.

2. Line the tins with pebbles – this acts as a barrier/filter so that the soil doesn’t fall through the holes when the water drains out.

3. Fill the tins up to the half way mark with either potting soil or soil that has been mixed super well with compost/manure.

4. Place the seedlings on top and firming pack the remainder of your potting soil around your plant. Press down and water.

Easy peasy.


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